Wednesday, September 14, 2016

{R+B} Couple Session

I wanted to throw it back today to the girl who really officially started this blog out!  Bethany, my cousin/sister, has been modeling for me even when I still didn't know what the heck I was doing.  These two have since added a kid to their family since these photos were taken back in 2014.  I sure have been missing you guys since your move to New York!  Looking forward to a time when we all can live much closer together!! 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

{D} Creativity

Over the past few years I have let myself become "busy" and  found less and less time for the things that I cherish.  With changes at work and continuing on with my education, there has been a lot of guilt felt when I take time for myself.  I realized that in order for me to succeed in both my career and with my family I need to connect with the things I love to do.  Photography and my other hobbies help to center my life bringing the joy back in during the stressful times.  Recently I was able to get out and play with this beautiful soul.  She is as remarkable on the inside, as she is on the outside.  I am so blessed to call her my dear friend!  Thank you Dahlia for bringing light back into my life.  I did not know how much I needed to get back behind the camera until this night! Enjoy!

Monday, September 15, 2014

{AT} Newborn Session

It has been WAY too long since I have blogged. In fact, this one I am posting today is from over a year ago!  Since I finally finished nursing school in May, I have hardly had time to post anything.  Now that life is somewhat normalizing, I figured I should get back to it!  Here are some images of the cutest little sister to {D} who was one of my first infants using artificial light.  Enjoy! ♥Ora

We headed outside for a few family shots, but after a while the children let mom know how they really felt about all this photography business.  This awesome momma went on to open her own photography business this past year.  Go check her out!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Camping 2013

It's been a while since I have had time to just explore nature photography. I have a real admiration for those who can pull off landscape photography, I feel like I am still trying to navigate just how to achieve the look I want in this area (mind you all my landscapes are still single exposure photographs, I have yet to venture to the world of HDR).  Here are some of my creativity at work.  I did pull out the Lensbaby for part of this trip - it's always good to Tilt and Shift my perspective sometimes! Enjoy! ♥Ora

*No camping trip is complete without some worms for fishing!

* She reminds me of a blonde Clara Bow. She is an "IT-girl" afterall!

*I tried not so successfully to sneak up closer to this deer.  
I got right where I wanted and she decided to go find something 
more tasty to eat in the treeline.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Guest Photographer

It takes a lot of trust (or lack of brains) to hand over your camera to a six year old!  I was surprised at what she was able to come out with on our camping trip this summer!  Here's some of her highlights.

Since that went so well, I decided to let her have another go at it on the 4th of July while visiting family in Fillmore, Utah.  I never in my life expected this next photo to come out of her hands.  I guess my job is easier than it looks (if you can't tell, that was totally tongue in cheek)

And finally, she has her mother's knack for wanting to chop people's heads in half... in a good way!

Hope you enjoyed this little journey into the mind of a six year old raised by me! ♥Ora

Monday, August 5, 2013

{B} Graduation Session

As a photographer, I feel like I have finally hit my stride.  My photos express more of what is going on inside my head now more than ever.  That being said, nursing school is starting back up in a few weeks, and I will not be taking any clients until May 2014!  Sorry, but I just need to get through this next year of school with what little sanity I have left.  To tie you over until then, here are some adorable shots of an amazing blonde!  She is graduating college in less than 2 weeks, and I am so proud of her!  If dental hygiene falls through, I'm sure she could find work as a model somewhere!  Love you Fred!  Enjoy! ♥Ora

*Designed the back of her graduation announcement for her, and we are pretty pleased with how well the personal touches turned out!

 *We seem to have this pose pop out at least once a shoot with her - She's got legs for days!

Those of you that know my work, know that I am not afraid to use OCF (off camera flash).  These last two pictures are ambient light only, but have the look and feel of OCF.  It took a bit of work to find my dynamic light for this shot (scouting out a wall that had a hint of light splashing on it and then having her drop down which put her into the light we wanted).  We also had to shoot fast as the sun is constantly changing direction.  It just goes to show, that you can find great lighting from the sun diffused through a parking garage OR a softbox (one is just more reliable than the other).