Monday, August 5, 2013

{B} Graduation Session

As a photographer, I feel like I have finally hit my stride.  My photos express more of what is going on inside my head now more than ever.  That being said, nursing school is starting back up in a few weeks, and I will not be taking any clients until May 2014!  Sorry, but I just need to get through this next year of school with what little sanity I have left.  To tie you over until then, here are some adorable shots of an amazing blonde!  She is graduating college in less than 2 weeks, and I am so proud of her!  If dental hygiene falls through, I'm sure she could find work as a model somewhere!  Love you Fred!  Enjoy! ♥Ora

*Designed the back of her graduation announcement for her, and we are pretty pleased with how well the personal touches turned out!

 *We seem to have this pose pop out at least once a shoot with her - She's got legs for days!

Those of you that know my work, know that I am not afraid to use OCF (off camera flash).  These last two pictures are ambient light only, but have the look and feel of OCF.  It took a bit of work to find my dynamic light for this shot (scouting out a wall that had a hint of light splashing on it and then having her drop down which put her into the light we wanted).  We also had to shoot fast as the sun is constantly changing direction.  It just goes to show, that you can find great lighting from the sun diffused through a parking garage OR a softbox (one is just more reliable than the other).

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