Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blast Back Saturday

So, when things are slow.. I think I will post some unseen pictures to wet your appetite.  This week I choose to go back to Katie & Mike's wedding.  My first wedding shoot!  They were so patient and loving with me.  I'm glad they gave me the opportunity to capture their special moments.   

I have always been a prompt person.  We planned to meet at the temple around sunrise... well the hairdresser had other plans :)  I wish they could have been here for the amazing lighting, but instead - I got some one on one time with the building. :)  It pays to be prompt!

I never ever liked kissing pictures of me.  We only have 2 for the entire 7 years I have known Jay.  Now I am re-thinking that stance I had (anti-kissing photos).  People usually look great in kissing pictures - their jawlines especially.  For some reason, you can always feel something when you look at them too!

This bride couldn't sleep at all the night before her pictures.  Poor girl - and she was up super early.  She was such a trooper and happy to boot!  I think all brides are that way - they have no nerve endings for cool/hot weather, they have achy jaws from smiling so much - and they are up to do anything you ask them... well mostly everything!

This photo just works for me.  For some reason I just love it.

Lastly, being there to create a moment.    She was so happy for the staging of this picture - every girl is a daddy's girl!  Her mother has one like this with her father, and it was important to the bride to have one for herself.  Her wedding "flavor" was traditional, classic, and elegant.  I hope that her theme was reflected in the photography - I seem to think so.  Hopefully I will have some new stuff for you to munch on soon - even if it's my own kids!  For now, I'll be mixing it up a bit with some of my unseen favorites!


  1. Ora! These are FABULOUS!!!! I want you to take My Little Families Photo's! Please Please Please!!

  2. These are my FAVORITE pictures you've taken, of course!!!!