Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to School Session

We have a long standing Thursday Camera date with my brother... The children are finally getting used to having so much time with the "paparazzi". Here is what I captured about a week ago. School is back in session and having professional photos instead of buying the generic school ones is a fun alternative for memories of your children. You get more photos of their true personality, and they are something you would LOVE to hang on your wall. Enjoy! ♥Ora

* Not every child is as open with their personality as this one :)


  1. They look so grown up! I love the one on the bench. I think it's probably a good thing we are not all as uninhibited as our children! LOL! Although, I'm sure I've caught Adam in that pose a time or two.

  2. Cute! Wish my parents had done this... I always got nervous for school pics when I was little, so, therefore, I always ended up with wet bangs, boogies, or wonky smiles.

  3. this is precious! I love your cute kids! Chase is looking so grown up with no binky! yayyayya